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At ICICI Lombard, we are at the forefront of implementing proactive and preventive healthcare solutions. Recognizing that nearly 60% of in-patient department (IPD) admissions could be prevented with timely interventions and regular healthcare, we are committed to partnering with you in health, not just during illness. Our approach to health extends beyond the traditional, with a comprehensive health solution that shall caters to preventive, proactive, and primary healthcare.


Pioneering Digital Platform

ICICI Lombard is an industry leader in digital health innovations, offering cutting-edge health solutions through the ILTakeCare (ILTC) app. Our platform has transformed the way health services are delivered, making us the first to introduce a fully digital and cashless Outpatient Department (OPD) and Wellness Program.


Outpatient Cover

We provide an all-encompassing cashless OPD solution available on our ILTC platform. The solution covers a range of services, from consultations—virtual, telephonic, or in-person—to pharmacy, diagnostics, minor procedures, mental wellness, and emergency ambulance services. This complete primary healthcare solution is designed with the needs of corporates in mind, making healthcare accessible and convenient.


Wellness Services

Our platform offers comprehensive wellness services, including health check-ups, health webinars, health camps, wellness calendars, disease management programs, maternity and elderly care programs, and health audits. Designed to improve lifestyle and enhance employee engagement, these services are available digitally and offline for your convenience.


Health Advisory Services

We offer a suite of health advisory services on the ILTakeCare app. Users can access health risk assessments, diet and exercise trackers, health parameter tracking and trends, and sleep, meditation, and hydration reminders. In addition, the platform offers a feature to upload health records up to 1GB, and provides informative health blogs.


Unique Features of ILTakeCare

The ILTakeCare app has gained significant popularity, boasting over 5 million downloads and approximately 50,000 active users per month. This robust user engagement is a testament to the high-value features that the app provides.

Unique to the app is the innovative self-health assessment feature, which includes facial scan technology that can measure blood pressure, heart rate, cardiac variance, and SpO2 levels. The platform provides seamless teleconsultations with medical practitioners and specialists, and even offers access to mental wellness experts.

The facility for cashless OPD services and the efficient claim settlement process further enhance user experience. By encapsulating a wide range of state-of-the-art health services and solutions, the ILTakeCare platform revolutionizes corporate health management and serves as a comprehensive digital health solution.

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