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Liability insurance is a policy that offers protection to businesses and individuals from risk that they may be held legally or sued for negligence, malpractice or injury. This insurance policy protects the insured from legal payouts and costs for which the policyholder is deemed to be responsible.


Directors and Officers Liability

  1. In case an organization incurs any losses due to erroneous actions or decisions taken by the directors and officers in fulfilling their duties according to the memorandum and articles of association.
  2. In case of losses resulting from claims filed against them by any wrongful act in their capacity.
  3. With the written consent of the insurance provider, any legal expenses resulting from the prosecution of any director or officer for any examination, inquiry, investigation, or proceedings by the concerned authority.
  4. Any expenses incurred by the shareholder of a corporation for pursuing a claim accusing any director or officer, and organization is lawfully obliged to pay as per the ruling of a court.
  5. It provides indemnity to the legal heirs/legal representatives of the director or officer in case the director or officer becomes insolvent.
Advancement of Defence costs
Right to defend cover
Cover for Subsidiaries
Outside Directorship coverage
Cover for Retired Directors
Cover for Regulatory Crisis Response
Cover for damage to reputation
Emergency Costs cover
Kidnap response cover
Fines and penalties and claims for seepage or pollution.
Excluded territories/jurisdiction.
Claims for bodily injury, property damage.
War & nuclear risks.
Waiver of subrogation.
Environmental liability & ADR claims originating from US/Canada.
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This is just an indicative list, kindly refer policy wordings for detailed information.


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