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The foundation of our global economy rests on intricate supply chains and transportation networks that drive commerce, consumption, and economic growth. The evolving landscape of supply chains, shaped by agile manufacturing practices and concentrated production, has brought about increased complexity and transformed client risk profiles. This has amplified the vulnerability of carriers and cargo due to expanded intermodal linkages. To protect your products, operations, and employees, a dedicated maritime risk consulting team can provide valuable advice, training, and risk management programs. They help you understand and manage the risks associated with your supply chains and transportation networks, ensuring the safety and security of your business.

Marine loss control engineering (MLCE)

Addressing recurrent losses resulting from perils such as wet damage, theft, non-delivery, pilferage, and consignment hijacking requires thorough ground inspections, root cause analyses, and MIS-supported claim assessment reports. A detailed MLCE report shall be issued containing actionable recommendations for implementation by the Insured/Client. To reduce post-inspection claim counts, ILGIC's marine team actively supports on-ground implementation and monitors the resolution of identified deficiencies over time.

Marine warranty surveys

For high-value consignments, critical cargo, and oversized shipments requiring comprehensive tail-end transit coverage, pre-survey assessments are crucial. Marine risk management team can bring worldwide expertise facilitated by a risk control station-managed team. This includes both local partnerships and a custom virtual monitoring assessment app, complete with standardized operating procedures. This ensures a secure dispatch post-inspection, enhancing convenience for the Insured.

Technical engagements: For loss prevention, and risk assessments

Uncertainty of the risk associated with the transit can be concluded with our marine experts.
Risk assessment of cargo including packing, handling, lifting, securing, transit and final delivery methodology shall be discussed with the logistics team. Vessel selection, stowage and securing methods can be jointly discussed with the Client’s logistics team for a safe transit, dispatch and delivery coverage after assessing the risk on desktop with a virtual or F2F engagement and / or a ground visit.
The risk assessors shall audit the logistics pattern, cost assigned for a transit to the Insured and if feasible, certain cost effective methods can be suggested for a cost efficiency module considering safety of the cargo and the benefit of the insured.

Transit Telematics

A few solutions such as IOT and SAAS based products are there – which can enhance delivery with safe operations and work on cost efficient and a loss preventing method.

With 24x7 risk control station – monitoring and mitigation of theft, pilferage prone dispatches, a safe transit delivery, temperature controlled cargo, expensive cargo in transit or liquid bulk cargo in lorry tankers, losses that occurs due to accidents caused by fatigue or unexplained conditions, theft etc. can be ensured.


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