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Property Risk Assessment is a comprehensive & holistic approach to assess the potential of the outbreak of fire and providing solutions for mitigation.

Property risk assessment consultants can help detect, prevent and mitigate conditions that can lead to fire at factories, buildings, warehouse or facility. Any organisation regardless of its size and nature of operation in the manufacturing and service sector should go for a periodic and comprehensive fire risk assessment.


Property Loss Prevention (PLPE)

This program is specifically crafted for addressing "Low Focus - High Loss Areas," providing individual clients with valuable tools to reduce the severity of losses. Clients have the opportunity to access Industry Risk Profiling, which benchmarks their risk levels, through a comprehensive risk assessment. All risk recommendations will be categorized into four segments based on a cost-impact matrix and priority. It is imperative for customers, as key decision-makers, and their risk partners to collaborate and ensure the implementation of these recommendations.


Comprehensive Risk Assessment

A Comprehensive Risk Assessment is customised for industries to have a primary focus on to stay compliant with industry regulations and standards, reducing the risk of penalties and avoiding losses due to electrical faults. CRA also includes aspects done in ERA.

Risk experts tailor their assessments to industry specific operations, addressing current distinct challenges and needs. This is an advanced version of Electrical Risk Assessment in which our expert team will monitor Harmonics, Fire Hazards, Emergency Preparedness and also suggest energy saving solutions. This ROI based approach also helps to minimize upcoming losses due to electrical system upsets.

Advanced tools are employed to conduct in-depth studies, providing solutions with accurate analysis and insights.


Electrical Risk Assessment

The primary goal of an ERA is to identify, assess, and control electrical risks to ensure the safety of individuals, equipment, and facilities. ERA is a basic solution for electrical safety assessment. This process is essential in various industries where electrical systems are present and to suggest risk improvement to enhance plant safety. It's worth noting that over 40% of fires in India result from improper or faulty electrical installations. Ensuring the safety of electrical setups within industrial units and organizations is crucial, not only to mitigate risks but also to adhere to safety standards and regulations.

ERA serves as a vital tool for recognizing areas of potential risk, assessing hazard severity, and proactively preventing accidents in industrial environments. The entire assessment process is conducted systematically, leveraging innovative technology for real-time data transfer and analysis. This solution is tailor-made to provide clients with an optimal level of safety.


Fire Hydrant IoT (FHIOT)

A Fire Hydrant Monitoring Solution is an automated system designed to oversee the performance of fire safety systems. This solution keeps a close watch on critical parameters, including hydrant and sprinkler line pressure, main and jockey pump status, and detects any unauthorized water usage or leaks. Information regarding any breaches in these parameters is promptly conveyed through a dashboard.

Monitoring fire safety systems in this manner is crucial for ensuring the safety and security of a plant. It equips the client with the readiness to effectively respond to various adverse situations and emergencies.


Temperature & Humidity IoT (THIOT)

Temperature & Humidity IoT system offers a complete, user-friendly solution for monitoring ambient temperature and humidity in controlled environments. It simplifies the management of these critical factors, providing several key features:

  • Automated Reporting: The system generates Excel and PDF reports, including hourly statistics and historical data for different locations.
  • Trend Analysis: It monitors and analyses temperature and humidity trends over selectable durations and allows for the comparison of similar trends across multiple locations.
  • Intelligent Alerts:The system includes intelligent alert capabilities. If the temperature or humidity exceeds prescribed limits, it automatically sends SMS and email notifications to relevant stakeholders.
    This solution enhances efficiency in managing temperature and humidity-controlled environments while ensuring that deviations from set parameters are quickly addressed through timely alerts.


Renewable energy assessments using drone

Advanced drone technology is revolutionizing renewable energy assessments, specifically for wind turbines and solar PV modules. Here's how:

  • Speed and Accuracy: Drones significantly expedite the inspection process, taking hours instead of days compared to traditional methods. This speed allows for faster decision-making and quicker insurance renewals.
  • Precise Defect Identification: Drones excel at pinpointing defects, especially across expansive solar plants. Their high-resolution imaging capabilities ensure that even minor issues like cracks or faults are detected promptly.
  • Preventing Losses: By identifying defects early on, it helps prevent potential losses in energy output. Timely solutions can be implemented to address these issues, ensuring optimal plant performance.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Drones provide a cost-effective approach to inspections. They reduce the need for extensive manpower and equipment while delivering superior results.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience:A drone-based assessments empower customers by providing clear insights into the condition of their solar plants and windmills. This information allows them to take proactive measures to maintain efficiency and prevent losses.

    By utilizing cutting-edge drone technology, this can transform how renewable energy assets are inspected and managed, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and efficient future.

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