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Fire and its consequent losses pose a constant threat to businesses, and their unpredictable nature makes prevention challenging. While predicting fires may be impossible, taking proactive steps to prevent them is crucial. Businesses of all sizes are vulnerable to dramatic and unexpected circumstances that can severely disrupt or even ruin operations.

In light of these potential challenges, obtaining property insurance for your business is not just prudent – it's compelling. Fire insurance provides a safety net that covers a wide range of risks, including the possibility of a complete shutdown. By safeguarding your business against the financial repercussions of fire-related incidents, you can ensure continuity and peace of mind in the face of the unexpected.


Mega Risk Policy

Mega Risk Insurance/Large Risk Insurance policies are issued to cover risks where the sum insured is more than Rs.2,500 crores at any one location (Property Damage and Business Interruption combined)

The policy is taken to cover fixed assets like Building, Plant & Machineries, Furniture Fixtures, Electrical Equipment and Stocks of all kinds.

  1. The sum insured for a location should be more than INR 2500 Cr
  2. Packaged Policy having cover on All Risk Basis
  3. All standard extension available for SFSP, MBD and EEI policy could be incorporated in this policy
Works of art, Fine Arts Curios, rare books or works of art, Fine Arts and other alike items
Money, cheques, stamps bonds, credit cards, any securities and other alike items
Jewellery precious stones Jewellery precious stones, precious metals bullion and other alike items
Valuable Papers and Records Explosion and implosion of boiler and pressure plants,
Tenants And Neighbours Liability

Mega risk is a highly customized policy, please refer policy wordings for detailed information

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This is just an indicative list, kindly refer policy wordings for detailed information.


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